Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So What Have We Been Doing?

This fall has been a really busy one for us. The busiest one by far. We have been working with some friends of ours at their little country store and got to participate in an old-fashioned apple butter stir. Amanda particularly seemed to enjoy the wood smoke, the beautiful fall day and the tantalizing aroma of cooking apple butter.

Sometimes, we have absolutely worn ourselves out, so we have found that the occasional cat nap is the best way to refresh ourselves before the next task. Cari and her best friend, Rebecca, enjoyed a nap on the front porch of the store on this warm, fall afternoon.

We've also made many new friends along the way. Here is Shannon with her friend, Brianna, doing the unthinkable (at least to us "old" adults!) We had an "Anne of Green Gables" all-nighter a few weeks ago and during the movie breaks, the girls found that they could double or triple up in a sleeping bag and "sled" down the stairs. Just look at the faces on these girls below:

That was Trisha, Heidi and Mary full of exhilaration on their way down! Of course, once Heidi hit the front door at top down hill speed, she was rethinking the whole "sled" down the stairs behavior. But it didn't last long.

There was a total of 14 girls in our home that night. Here is most of them at breakfast, all still in one piece, though some were decidedly bruised.

After church one Sunday, Mark took all of us girls to Fayette Station. This happens to be under the famous New River Gorge Bridge. Laura was in for a few days and so we took advantage of the opportunity to get pictures of the six girls all together.

Oh, yeah, then this past weekend, we had seven puppies. Well, we didn't. Our dog, Fiona, did. But we were right there with her. What a crazy last three months it has been, but it has been good. God is growing us, teaching us and bringing us closer together as a family. We are loving being where He has brought us and look forward to whatever the future may hold with eager anticipation.
Well, thanks for being patient with me. And thanks for being a part of our lives.
Take care,

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