Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Fall, Ya'll!

Happy Back to School Time!
Aren't you excited? We started back to school this week and we are
How about ya'll?

More proof of fall! These beautiful marigolds line the sidewalk at my home thanks to Amanda!
They smell as good as they look. Of course, not everyone enjoys the smell of marigolds,
but I do and that's what counts.

My dad got this shot right out of his kitchen window. These birds were
having a great time splashing in mom's fountain before
they realized that they were being filmed while bathing!
Oh, the shock of it all!
I mean, who wants to have their picture taken while bathing?
They obviously flew away after that, quite perturbed.
Here's hoping your fall is going well and that the colors,
the smells and the quiet days of schooling are
keeping you focused on our Great Creator and
all that He has done for you.

Take care,

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