Monday, August 25, 2008

New River Youth Symphony and Choir

The girls participated in the New River Youth Symphony and Choir concert over the weekend. It was a terrific experience and very well done. The youth in this symphony and choir are ages 8 - 24. Some of the kids are homeschooled and some attend public school.

The program was started by a few moms who wanted the youth of Southern West Virginia to have opportunities to be in such an organization and learn to play together as a group. Our directors have volunteered their time over the past two years. There is no parent organization that is supporting us. This is just a group of young people who are dedicated to bettering themselves and their skills and parents who are dedicated to bringing the children on a weekly basis for practice. The youth come from as many as 5 counties in Southern WV.

Below is a video of my girls (being the proud momma that I am) doing a trio after a week of laryngitis.

If you would like to hear the entire concert, a CD is available for $7. The concert was approximately 2 hours long. We will ask for $3 to help cover the shipping cost, but the $7 will go directly to the NRYSC. A receipt can be provided upon request.

Enjoy the trio and take care,


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