Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Funny Faces!

So, this past weekend was Cari's 14th birthday. Next weekend is Amanda's 17th birthday. We took the girls up to an old football field and played frisbee and later basketball a little further down the road. What a day it was. We got sunburned, worn out, scabby knees and bloody noses. Well, okay, there was no bloody nose, but Mary did get hit in the nose. It could have bled.

This is Laura's idea of how fun frisbee is! It made her a little crazy. The whole concept of throwing a round disc and trying to get it to go in the direction she was looking just didn't fly with her, no pun intended.

Of course, Evie thought the concept of family members standing around the edge of a field throwing a frisbee was too boring. She decided this was a great way to play "monkey-in-the-middle". She, of course, was the monkey.

I am so thankful for the opportunities we have to be able to play together as a family. You know, today so many people get bogged down with "important" things to do, families end up going in 8 different directions on any given day. God is so good to me, that we can take our 6 girls, ages 5 - 17, and go play and have fun together. Cari stated that this day "was a lot of fun!" What a blessing.

Please continue to be in prayer for our family as the road we are travelling gets mighty bumpy at times. There are events going on this week that need to be covered in much prayer for His strength, power and truth. Thank you.

Speaking of travelling, how about this shot?

As you travel your road this week, keep your focus on the end, the prize, that goal that we are aiming for, "well done, you good and faithful servant."

Take care,


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