Friday, November 21, 2008

Prettier Than A Cow!

Ok. So, here's the deal. This is a recent picture of myself and my adorable hubby. Now, I admit, it isn't really the most flattering picture of me, but hey, I am with the man I love and I am happy. What more do you need?

Without realizing it, I apparently needed my five year old to have the following conversation with me.

"Aren't cows pretty?"
"Oh, yes. Cows are definitely pretty." (please note, this statement was made by me, but I wasn't really thinking of the true beauty of a cow, I was simply agreeing. But, back to the conversation...)
"They sure are. But, momma, you know what?"
"What, squirt?"
"You are prettier than a cow."
(now, to a five year old, I am sure that cows may seem pretty, but to a mother being compared to a cow, this statement comes as quite a shocker.)
"I am what?"
"Momma, you are prettier than a cow. Cows are really pretty, but you are prettier."
"Oh, thank you, honey." (now, in my head, I am not truly thankful. I am still shocked that my appearance has just been compared to a cow by my own flesh and blood. Still, I try to smile at her.)
When I told my dear husband about this conversation later, I expected that same shock, the same abhorrence at being compared to a cow. Instead, I got this:
"Well, you are prettier than a cow."

Thanks for your support, dear.

Have a great weekend,