Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Basketfuls of Blessing

Aren't baskets great? I love baskets. I love to have every shape, color and design. Not only are they beautiful pieces of art, they are functional. Like this coiled basket here. I made this basket. Can you believe it? I love the shiny fabric and the bead work on the front. I love that it is decorative in my downstairs bathroom, but functional while it holds our washcloths.

I use baskets in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room and living room. I use them to hold cloth napkins, pens and pencils, school supplies, books, sewing supplies, salt and pepper shakers, odds and ends, jewelry, you name it, I use them for that. I even have some big ones that hold everybody's Bibles in. With a family of 8 who each have at least two Bibles apiece, you can imagine how many Bibles there are and how big my basket is.

I keep some baskets empty to head out into the garden with. They are great for gathering fruit, veggies or even cut flowers. They almost have a romantic quality to them at times.

I love finding very unique baskets to fill my home with. I love serving my family fresh bread in a cozy basket with my freshly ironed bread cloths. It is a very satisfying experience to know that something so simple as a basket can bring delight to a home.

What do you use to add to the function and beauty of your home?

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