Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beautiful Promises

Remember the Old Testament story of Noah and the flood? Remember how when the flood waters had subsided and Noah and his family finally stepped off that old ark, remember that rainbow that was in the sky? The first one. Ever. And not only was it beautiful, it was God's signature to a promise that He would never again flood the entire earth at one time.
Here I am, in the midst of personal struggles and difficulties, with a lovely view of God's personal signature right in front of me. And in the moments that ensued, a realization that it is a reminder that God will never pour more over me than what I can handle. His burden is light. Doesn't always seem so, but then trials are never any fun anyhow, are they? But, when His personal signature is right there, right in my own back yard, I remember. And I can trust. I trust that He has brought me through the trials in the past, that He is faithful to complete what He has started in me until the very end. And that one day, I will come forth as gold for the refining of these trials.
Oh, how great is the mercy and love of the Creator of rainbows and beauty! He will never leave me, nor forsake me. He will never give us anything more than we can bear without providing a means of escape. For Noah, it was the ark. For me, it is the protection and love which hems me in on every side.
Thank you, Abba.

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