Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In Case You Didn't Know...

Have I mentioned how beautiful WV is? I mean, this morning, my husband stopped at a local gas station to pump gas. I, of course, had to jump out and start snapping a few pictures. How many people get a view like this while pumping gas? Am I the most blessed girl you know, or what?
Yep. That's three crosses out there on that little island. In our family, when we drive along and see three crosses put up together we yell "pilgrims"! Of course, I am not sure why we yell about the pilgrims, because these crosses aren't that old, but we yell it anyhow. We try to see who can spot them first. This particular set of crosses has been called out of bounds, however, because we pass by here many times a week. (It gets a little mundane yelling "pilgrims" over the same three crosses again and again.)
I expect the girls and I will have a great time on our trip to North Carolina this weekend, though. I know there are multiple sets out there between where we are and where we are going.
I am thankful that we live in a nation that still believes in the cross and still recognizes our Saviour. Maybe we can't publish the Ten Commandments in our schools anymore, but there are still enough believers out there, donating a chunk of land to stand up and say "we believe".
If you are some of those people who have crosses on your land, thank you from our family.
Happy Pilgrim hunting,

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