Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kissin' Cousins!

My sister-in-law came by today with the two children and my little nephew here found the idea fascinating that Laura could be on one side of the glass and he on the other but he couldn't touch her. He was trying to kiss her but to no avail! Isn't it cute?

We have been incredibly busy trying to get ready for our show on Saturday. We have toy cars, toy wagons, toy ducks, toy turtles and toy elephants all made from wood then we also have all the fabric frou-frou's as well. We are still painting, tying, tagging, touching up and applying. It is taking all hands available to be ready. But we are excited and we are hopeful. Don't you wish you could be there?

I never know what a day will hold. Do you? Sometimes, you expect great things and you lay down at night exhausted from all the unpleasant surprises you weren't expecting. Then on days you expect to be difficult, God has some hidden blessing just waiting there to be discovered. I imagine that all days have those hidden blessings. I wonder how many I have missed today.

I tend to be self-centered. (I heard that *gasp*!!) But it is true, none-the-less. I tend to keep my eyes on myself, my feelings, my needs, my desires, my expectations. I imagine that if I would keep my eyes more on my Saviour, the less bumpy my life's road would be. In fact, a beloved friend said that to me today. She was reminding me that when we focus on the love Christ has for us, the blessings he intends for us, and the work he has already done for us, we get too busy to notice ourselves.

My prayer for myself (no pun intended) and for you this evening would be that we would become blinded to ourselves and that our eyes would be opened instead to that blessed Redeemer who gave His ALL for people like me.

Rejoicing in my King,


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