Monday, June 16, 2008

Well, after a few days, I am finally getting back to my mom's birthday. Here we all are right after our dinner of homemade pizza, just before cake and presents. Well, okay, obviously we are not all here. I am not in the picture since I am taking the picture and my dear handsome hubby was working. Oh, and my three oldest girls were still at camp. But you get the idea.

Well, I have been working on getting ready for a Fourth of July craft event that my dad and I are doing together. That's him on the far right. He is doing wood work and I am doing sewing, crafting, painting, crotcheting, etc. I am hoping to have pictures for you very soon of some of our work. I

Well, have you noticed as I have that the three paragraphs in this post all start with well? Well, did you? Well, I guess that is because I am doing well. You know, six months ago my life was so completely different, and yet God in His great mercy has changed me, moved me, and is re-arranging most everything for me. I had mentioned to my dad that my world had turned upside down. He noted that really, it is now down side up.

So, I close with that new perspective on things. My world is now down side up.


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