Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Last Leg of the Journey

Well, here I am in all of my morning glory. My hair tied up in a knot, no makeup and I haven't brushed my teeth yet. Of course, you probably couldn't tell that. About my teeth, I mean.

At any rate, I am putting the final base coat of paint on our elephants. Those are navy blue wheels that will go on the elephants once they are finished. My mom will put the ears, eyes and tails on them later.

There used to be dining room here somewhere. The turtles in the back are only waiting for their wheels and pull strings. The ducks and cars in the box in the foreground are done. Only a few more days. I am hoping to work on a few more garlands today. I will try to post pictures of those for you as well.

Just wanted you to know where I am today.


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